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Graham Mediation Services specializes in the provision of mediation services to clients throughout Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. To schedule a mediation, send a message and for all other information we invite you to contact us.

Our standard Mediation contract sets out the following Fees, disbursements to be charged by Graham Mediation Services:

  • the Mediator will be paid $500 per hour,or portion thereof, for a minimum of 4 hours;
  • the Mediator will be paid for his travel time at the rate of $250 per hour where required to travel outside the Campbell River metropolitan area for the mediation or any related purpose;
  • applicable taxes are extra;
  • the cost of the mediation facility will be the responsibility of the parties and the Mediator will bill the parties for this cost;
  • The Mediator will be paid an administration charge of $175.00 for arranging a mediation date, the mediation facility, hosting virtual mediation, etc.;
  • disbursements* will be charged as follows:
    1. photocopies - $0.30 per page;
    2. faxes - $0.55 per page;
    3. long distance telephone charges - as incurred;
    4. mileage for travel outside the Campbell River metropolitan area will be billed at the rate of $0.55 per kilometre;

*Additional travel expenses (e.g. flight costs, taxi fare, etc) and accommodation costs will be charged if required

  • the Mediator will be paid a cancellation fee of $2,000.00 (4 hour minimum charge), plus disbursements incurred, if the mediation is cancelled less than 3 business days prior to the scheduled mediation date;

  • unless otherwise arranged, the parties agree that each will be responsible for equal share of the fees, disbursements and additional charges of the Mediator as above;

  • the parties agree that each will be liable for the full amount owing to the Mediator at all times on a joint and several basis.
  • the Mediator will be paid within 15 days of the delivery of invoice;
  • accounts for fees and disbursements in excess of the initial payment shall be paid promptly by the parties upon receipt and, failing payment after l5 days, will bear interest at the rate of l2% per annum. Any unbilled amount after the above-noted initial payment will be refunded.
  • the parties will seek independent advice on any issues in this matter, and the Mediator will not provide the parties with legal advice.

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